How To Apply For A Grant

Share Your Idea With Us

If your organization has an idea that furthers our mission and aligns with our grantmaking goals and strategies, we would love to hear from you!

We strongly recommend you contact us before beginning the grant application process to discuss eligibility requirements and your project idea.

Contact us in the following ways:

  • Send us a general inquiry through our website contact form.
  • Call us at 305-374-7200 and schedule a time to speak with program staff.
Submit A Concept Proposal

The Health Foundation’s application process generally begins with the development and submission of a concept proposal. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Foundation and discuss their idea for proposals prior to submission. You can submit a concept proposal at any time via our Grants Portal. 

Don’t have an account? Go to the Grants Portal and click “New User” to set up an individual or organization profile. Once created, you can access the concept proposal application at any time under the “Explore Grant Opportunities” tab.

If your idea aligns with our goals and strategies, as well as meets funding criteria, then you may be invited to the co-development phase of a full project proposal, described in step 3 below.

Co-Develop Your Project Proposal With HFSF Staff
Designated program staff will work collaboratively with you and your organization to develop your project proposal. This includes:

Co-designing the project proposal:

  • Phone calls and/or in-person meetings to discuss project and review proposal drafts;
  • Site visit. In some cases, Foundation staff and leadership may make a site visit to meet with the applicant to learn more about the organization and better understand the proposed project;
  • Engagement of subject matter experts or members of our Board for additional input or expertise; and
  • Identify potential for additional collaborations and partnerships.

Finalizing the proposal:

  • All proposals must be submitted through the Grants Portal at the deadline specified by your HFSF staff liaison.
  • You are responsible for finalizing the project proposal, with guidance and support from your HFSF staff liaison.
  • Your submission may involve the following requirements:
    • Proposal Narrative
    • Budget & Budget Narrative
    • Work Plan
    • Contact list of Board of Directors
    • 501 (c) 3 IRS determination letter
    • Organization financial documents
      • Form 990
      • Financial statement
Present Your Proposal At A HFSF Grant Committee Meeting

Once the project proposal has been finalized and submitted you will have the opportunity to present your project to HFSF staff and leadership. The purpose of this meeting is for staff to decide what proposals will be presented to our Board of Directors for a final funding decision.

Consider this your chance to “pitch” your project to the HFSF staff and leadership who weren’t as involved in the co-development phase.  You should plan on describing your project and be prepared to address any questions or concerns from HFSF staff or participating Board members

There are 3 possible outcomes at this stage:

  • HFSF Grant Committee approves your project proposal as presented (go to step 5)
  • HFSF Grant Committee approves your project proposal, but recommends changes or contingencies (make advised changes to the proposal and go to step 5)
  • HFSF Grant Committee declines the project proposal
    • You can discuss with your staff liaison whether it makes sense to return to the step 3 co-development phase to attempt again
Your HFSF Staff Liaison Will Present The Final Project Proposal At The Board Of Directors Meeting

At this point you’ve done all the work, so now you just wait to find out whether the Board approves your project proposal!

If approved, new grantees will work with Foundation staff on the Grant Award Agreement to begin the project.

Timelines and Approvals:

Concept proposals are accepted year-round, with some exceptions. Final grant approvals are made by HFSF’s Board of Directors.  The Board meets regularly throughout the year, usually four to five times, around January, April, July, September and December. Grant Committee meetings are held approximately six weeks before a Board of Directors meeting.