Access To Care

By increasing access to routine and preventive medical care for children and adults, it is our goal to improve overall healthcare availability and utilization among uninsured and underserved communities.


South Florida has one of the highest incidence rates of uninsured residents in the United States. In Miami-Dade 33% adults between the ages of 19 and 64 are employed but do not have health insurance, a number that dips to 19 percent in Broward.



This is particularly true among low-income, Black and Hispanic residents. Despite improvements made in the last couple of years, largely associated with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), recent trends show an uptick in South Florida uninsured rates.



In addition, local residents fare worse than their national and state counterparts when it comes to having a usual source of care. Individuals with no usual source of care typically end up in the emergency room, the costliest point of care.


Reducing health disparities depends, in part, upon increasing access to affordable, accessible, quality, and cost-effective primary health care services. Access generally refers to the ease with which an individual can obtain needed medical services, in a timely way. Combined, the following three key factors have proven to help improve health outcomes.

  • Gaining entry into the health care system, usually through insurance coverage
  • Being able to access a nearby and convenient location that offers the needed services; and
  • Having a culturally sensitive system that builds trust between providers and patients. 

We are committed to a multi-pronged strategy that addresses access to health care from a number of angles, including:

  • Increasing health care coverage;
  • Expanding the adoption of alternative delivery models; 
  • Supporting the expansion of safety net clinics, and;
  • Advocating for policies that increase access to health care.

We are interested projects that:

  • Pilot new collaborations and/or outreach tactics that will help inform enrollment efforts, both at local level as well as systems level.
  • Support sustainable, scalable models supporting outreach and enrollment
  • Increase access to care, patient engagement, and/or improved health outcomes via digital health technology.
  • Support the expansion of alternate access points such as nurse-managed health centers and telehealth, while advocating for the appropriate reimbursement of these alternate models of care.
  • Expand the capacity for safety net clinics, supporting them with infrastructure to assist with upfront technical and operational challenges.
  • Advocate for and help to inform state and regional solutions that increase access, availability, and utilization of health care.

For more information on these and other efforts that increase access to, availability and utilization of care in South Florida, please contact Director of Programs Fernanda Kuchkarian.

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