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Past Concern Awards' Recipients

The Concern Awards was a recognition program originally created in 1980 by Cedars Medical Center (now University of Miami Hospital). Health Foundation upheld the tradition and made it more inclusive by enabling the community to nominate candidates to be honored. The outstanding efforts of volunteers and professional leaders who went above and beyond to improve health for those in need were recognized for their outstanding efforts.
In 2002, the program was enhanced by providing finalists and the Concern Awards’ recipients with special grants for their nonprofit health - related organizations. More than $650,000 was awarded until the program concluded in 2008.
And although the Concern Awards program is over, the outstanding efforts made by the recipients to improve health is forever recognized in our hearts and in our community.


2008 Virginia Jacko and Pedro Rodriguez

2007 Janvier Gasana,MD and Peggy Sapp

2006 Michael Aptman, MD and Fatima Zafar, MD

2005 David Mitchell and John Walsh

2004 Thelma Gibson and Francois Leconte

2003 Kyle Amber and Nick Buoniconti

2002 Ramon Poo and Victor Rosario

2001 Eugene Schiff, MD

2000 Dr. Marilyn Segal, Dr. Wendi Masi and Rachel Masi

1999 Jane & Leonard Abess

1998 Karen & Ron Fraser

1997 Anthony Abraham

1996 Joyce & Anthony Burns

1995 Alvah Chapman, Jr.

1994 Barbara Weintraub

1993 William O. Cullom

1992 Coach Don Shula




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