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Behavioral Health


Behavioral Health is an umbrella term and refers to a continuum of services for individuals at risk of, or suffering from mental, behavioral or addictive disorders. 



Our goal is to increase access to quality behavioral health services for vulnerable and underserved populations in South Florida.  We will partner with nonprofit and community-based organizations to make sure behavioral health services are:


Based on evidence-based or promising practices with measurable outcomes

Offered by trained and certified professionals

Supported by the necessary agency infrastructure

Community-driven and informed by behavioral health consumers and advocates

Integrated and coordinated with other relevant systems

Responsive to national, state and county changes, including the Affordable Care Act and the Olmstead Decision.


Strategies and Focal Points

Over the next five years (2013-2018), Health Foundation of South Florida will work in the Behavioral Health Priority Area by:

  • Supporting the integration of primary care and behavioral health services, with a focus on:

Workforce training on best practices for care integration

Health home model implementation in behavioral health settings, primary care settings and joint primary/behavioral health care sites


  • Building the capacity of the behavioral health system, with a focus on:

Continuous Quality Improvement at the service, organizational and systems level

Management and administrative infrastructure enhancements to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Evidence based practice implementation


  • Supporting the consumer and peer movement to offer behavioral health-related support, services, and advocacy, with a focus on:

Peer training and certification in the delivery of behavioral health services

Expansion of clubhouses and drop-in centers to serve additional members

Consumer-driven efforts and consumer advocacy organizations focused on promoting positive changes to the behavioral health system


Although we welcome grant proposals for projects that align with a strategy within the Behavioral Health Priority Area, projects that address a focal point will take precedence over those that do not.


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