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Connecting people who care — with causes that matter

A child can’t learn if she is sick… an adult can’t do his job with an illness and a grandmother can’t look after her grandchildren with an unmanaged chronic disease.


At Health Foundation of South Florida, we support the communities we serve in many ways. We are a grantmaker, a convener and an informed source on health issues. And now, we are also providers of an opportunity for social investors seeking a measurable return on their philanthropic support: the Community Health Fund.


Through the Community Health Fund, individuals and companies join us in improving the quality of life for all residents through promoting early intervention, prevention and philanthropy.  Whether an investor’s interest lies in women’s’ health, reducing childhood obesity or adding life to the years of older adults, they can choose a focus area that is important to them.


Investors to the Community Health Fund do not support Health Foundation of South Florida. They give through the Foundation to ensure measurable improvements. We are the foundation for making an impact and forming collaborations to leverage resources.  By partnering with people who give meaning to the phrase, “doing well by doing good,” we build health stronger communities and make a healthy difference in the lives of South Floridians.


Social investors seeking a measurable return on their philanthropic support should contact Health Foundation President & CEO Steven Marcus, Ed.D at smarcus@hfsf.org or 305.374.7200.



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