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Funding Opportunities

Health Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations from an innovative and sustainable perspective; that keep the well-being of South Floridians at the heart of their work.


There are two opportunities during the year for public and nonprofit organizations to apply for grant support. Please see the Grants Timeline. The Foundation accepts requests for grants ranging from one to two years in duration. The total amount of a request should fall between $20,000 and $160,000 over the entire duration of the grant period. On average, the majority of our grant awards range from $50,000 to $120,000.


Application Process

When the Foundation issues a Request for Preliminary Proposals, eligible organizations may submit proposals online through the Grants Portal. If the preliminary proposal is approved to move forward in the application process, the organization is invited to submit a full proposal.

Before applying for funding, please:

          Step 1:  Review the following eligibility and selection criteria. We only make grants where:


• Nonprofit corporations that are exempt from Federal income tax under provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Organizations may call 1.877.829.5500 for a copy of the IRS tax determination letter for their organization.
• State or local government agencies, provided the Health Foundation is assured that its support will not supplant existing funding for activities for which our support is requested. The recipient governmental agency assumes an increasing portion of the cost of such projects over the period of our support.
• The project exclusively serves the residents of Broward, Miami-Dade and/or Monroe Counties.


Step 2:  Review the Foundation’s Mission, Priority Areas and Selection Criteria


Step 3:  If you meet the eligibility criteria, and your project aligns with the Foundation’s Mission, Priority Areas and Selection Criteria, please update your organization’s profile on Guidestar. Instructions are provided for your convenience.


Step 4:  When it’s time to submit requests, proceed to the Grants Portal. Please create a new user name and password in order to proceed with a grant application. User names and passwords from our previous grants portal are no longer active.


Note: Access to the Preliminary Proposal is time sensitive, based on when the Foundation issues a Request for Preliminary Proposals.





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