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Policy Engagement

Creating Long-term and Lasting Impact

Health Foundation of South Florida has enhanced its focus on policy and advocacy work in order to advance its mission of improving health for residents in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties. The Foundation seeks to assist its grantees, local health coalitions, and policymakers in gathering pertinent data and information, analyzing research findings, identifying policy options and supporting advocacy efforts that lead to improved health for all South Floridians. Through these efforts, Health Foundation can position itself as a “key agent of change,” rather than simply a grantmaker.

The Foundation’s Public Policy and Communications Committee is responsible for setting the annual legislative priorities for the Foundation. The identification of potential issues is driven by various factors including but not limited to:

• Alignment with the Foundation’s Responsive Grantmaking Program, Strategic Initiatives, and Special Initiatives
• Public Policy Agenda Priorities of local community partners and grantees
• State Legislative Agenda
• Emergence of critical health needs that call for public policy action


To review the current Public Policy Priorities for the Foundation, click here.


The Foundation employs a variety of advocacy strategies to inform and impact public policy. These include:


Community Organizing/Building Coalitions: Health Foundation of South Florida, as a convener, might fund projects that have as a goal to establish coalitions or networks that would work on establishing common goals and action steps for achieving a particular policy change.

Convening Stakeholders: Encouraging stakeholders to get together and discuss public policy issues is often an effective strategy during the problem definition, agenda setting, and policy adoption phases. This could take the form of roundtables, forums, webcasts, and evaluation symposiums.

Leadership Development: Training grantees and increasing their capacity to engage in long-term public policy engagement.

Media and Communications: Supporting paid and unpaid media and communications. Development of policy briefings, forums, and white papers may be used as communication strategies.

Policy Research and Analysis: Funding nonpartisan analysis and research to make available to elected officials and other decision makers, and to the public. 

Public Education: Supporting projects which educate particular groups about policy issues. Polling and focus groups can be used to develop effective public education messages.

Education of Decision Makers: Educating and building the capacity of decision makers with regards to health policy issues in the government, public, business, private, nonprofit, civic, academic, and philanthropic sectors.






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